A fogonero is a "stoker" or the main person in charge of cooking the agave so it can later be crushed to extract the juices for tequila production. El Fogonero's history begins with Don Antonio Yera, who started working for Herradura around the mid 1920's at the young age of 16. He spent the next 50 years working as a fogonero for Herradura, one of the largest and most respected high-end tequila producers in Mexico. In that time he learned much about tequila production, as he continously perfected and fine-tuned his craft for virtually his entire life. He had a dream of one day producing his own tequila. When he retired in the 70's, he continued working in the agave fields and passed on what he had learned to his 3 grandsons Jesus, Rigoberto, and Antonio.

In 1997, the 3 grandsons officially founded the company, and in honor of their grandfather, named the tequila " EL FOGONERO". The distillery is located in the lowlands of Jalisco in the town of Amatitan (same town as Herradura) and this region is famous for producing some of the best tequilas in all of Mexico...

El Fogonero is distributed exclusively in the US by Liquid Gold Distributors, Hayward California.